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Back to School

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Well, we felt a little of that crisp air last weekend, football fans are back packing the stadiums, I have actually seen some leaves change. Now I will admit, that last statement was when I was home in New Mexico, but I digress. All of this means that it is quickly approaching my favorite time of year, the Fall. I love the fall, mainly because of football, but also because it gets a little cooler. This is really great considering the unrelenting heat we had this summer. Fall also means that it is back to school time. Our kiddos love school and we want to give them the best advantage we can in the classroom. Did you know  that 80% of the learning process happens through our eyes.  To help with the cost of going back to school, we are currently running a back to school special. $40 off of a new pair of frames, I want your kids to have the best possible school year possible. So bring em in, let us make sure their eyes are great, and lets have a great year

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Happy 4th of July from Professional Eyecare AssociatesHappy 4th of July folks.

Just a helpful reminder from your friendly eye doc to be very careful in your celebrations. Let me explain.

Now, I love fireworks just as much as the next guy. But let’s remember one basic thing, these things are basically smaller versions of bombs and firearms. Please do not shoot fireworks at or near another person, especially near their head. Now I have to admit, I used to have bottle rocket fights when I was younger and stupider. (some will probably think I am still the later).  I was lucky and never got injured.

Since I became an eye doc, I can think of at least a dozen eye injuries I have seen from fireworks, and at least 2 retinal detachments. You know what they say, Its always fun and games until someone puts an eye out!! Truer words have never been spoken. So lets be careful out there, and shoot those fireworks into the sky, and not into your cousin Jim Bobs noggin.  If you do suffer any injuries related to your fireworks experience, contact 911 immediately or contact our office for an eye evaluation.

Happy 4th!!

Dr. Mike

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One question I get asked quite a bit is how often should I get my eyes checked. My answer is I think you should get them checked every week!!

All kidding aside, your children, especially if they wear corrective lenses, should get their eyes checked every year. Our vision changes the most when we are young, and they change the most from about ages 8-13.

So it’s real important for those kiddos to have the proper RX so they can see the board at school correctly and get the best grades possible.

As adults, if we wear corrective lenses, it’s also real important to make sure we see as clearly as possible. So every year or two is a good schedule for an eye exam. If you wear contacts, you need to get them checked every year. Since a contact lens is a medical device, this insures that your eyes are healthy and you are seeing clearly. Once we get a little older, it’s real imperative to get our eyes checked also because many eye diseases increase with age, such as macular degeneration, dry eye and cataracts. People who have diabetes should also get them checked every year to make sure their eyes are healthy.

Diabetes is one of the leading causes of blindness in the US so this is very important. Other people who are on certain drugs such as, Plaquenil and steroids should also make sure and have a yearly appointment.

Hope this helps.

Dr. Mike