We are going on a vacation/business trip this week. I am going to a conference called CE in the Rockies. We as O.D.’s have to go to 16 hours of classes a year, called continuing education, to keep our license current. Usually I go to a conference that is local, mainly for convinence, but this year I am doing to whole Griswald family vacation thing and taking¬† the whole family on a road trip. I am really looking forward to having a little time off. I am also excited about the conference because I always seem to learn something new. You would think that we doctors learned everything we need to in school or a residency. That’s not true, I am always learning something new, or refreshing what I already knew at one to these conferences.¬† As anyone in Texas can attest, the main thing I’m looking forward to is some nice, cool, mountain weather. Summer in West Texas is by far my least favorite time of the year, and any time I can get some cool summer weather Im all in!! This particular conference is in Estes Park, CO, which I haven’t been to in a real long time, and Erin and the kids have never been. So if anyone has any suggestions on some cool things to do, let us know. I guess I am turinng into Clark W Griswald, however, I don’t think I have to worry about showing up there and having a moose tell me the park is closed. Wish us luck


Dr Mike