Well, we felt a little of that crisp air last weekend, football fans are back packing the stadiums, I have actually seen some leaves change. Now I will admit, that last statement was when I was home in New Mexico, but I digress. All of this means that it is quickly approaching my favorite time of year, the Fall. I love the fall, mainly because of football, but also because it gets a little cooler. This is really great considering the unrelenting heat we had this summer. Fall also means that it is back to school time. Our kiddos love school and we want to give them the best advantage we can in the classroom. Did you know  that 80% of the learning process happens through our eyes.  To help with the cost of going back to school, we are currently running a back to school special. $40 off of a new pair of frames, I want your kids to have the best possible school year possible. So bring em in, let us make sure their eyes are great, and lets have a great year